After apologizing for disappearing in my last post, I did it again. But this time, I had an agenda. We fled Texas in advance of the attacking heat wave. We left town before it hit 100 degrees, and headed west. First Carlsbad Caverns, then Roswell (well, we had to), Ruidoso, Santa Fe, and Taos, before meeting up with family in Nathrop, CO, at a resort at the foot of Mount Princeton.

It. Was. Wonderful. We went white water rafting, played in the hot springs, hiked up to Agnes Vaille Falls, and visited nearby Salida. At a stop in Alamosa, Colorado, I went into a little bookstore and got Julie Kagawa’s The Iron King, a totally surprising YA that I will be reviewing here in a few days. Excellent book, well worth picking up. I’ll be reading the sequels.

I totally needed this vacation.  I got out of the Austin heat, and even though re-entry was tough (our car has an outdoor temperature display, and it went from 72 degrees in Colorado to over 100 degrees by the time we got home), it was worth it.

Now I’m completely ready for ArmadilloCon and the writer’s workshop, which takes place all day Friday of the convention.

I will be posting pics from my travels and later from Armadillocon, but for now, to keep you satisfied, here’s Cthulhu, frozen for eons in his underground kingdom, and only now unearthed by tourists. He glowers as they pass by but can do nothing until the ritual words are spoken…

Cthulhu in Carlsbad

Cthulhu in Carlsbad


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