Yup, riding lessons. I went for my first lesson today after many many years. I rode Mr. Dees, a red-and-white paint. He didn’t like going into his corners. I made him. Go me! We walked, trotted, trotted over cavalletti, did a little two point, and cantered. He was very balky until he warmed up, and then was pretty forward going, considering he had me on his back. I wasn’t able to keep very good contact with the saddle, and poor boy, I think I might have slammed his back a little hard. This farm uses a gel pad under the saddle, and I think that’s a good idea.

The weather absolutely cooperated. We’ve been having horrendous heat this summer, and the temperature dropped with some storms in the area. It was like a million percent humidity, but it was overcast and less than 90 degrees, so it felt great. It didn’t rain except for a few drops.

So, that was my first lesson back after 15 or 16 years. It is going to be very interesting, how I feel tomorrow.


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