Appearances for 2020

August 28, 2020:

Virtual conversation hosted by Malvern Books
Conversation with Donna Dechen Birdwell on the launch of her novel Song Of All Songs (Earthcycles, Book One)

Note: This is part of the kickoff for  Virtual ArmadilloCon; I will be part of the writing workshop and may have other panels. Stay tuned.

Appearances for 2019:
Bookwoman February 10, 4 p.m.

I will be reading and signing Fog Season at bookwoman, the premier feminist bookstore in Austin Texas.

bookpeople march 30, 5 p.m.

I will be appearing with Amber Royer, author of Free Chocolate and Pure Chocolate, and Nicky Drayden, author of Temper and Prey of Gods. It will be a Texas women in SFF.

Murder by the book April 13, 4:30 PM. Houston, TX

I will be appearing with Amber Royer. This will be an Angry Robot authors event!

Comicpalooza 2019, May 10-12, Houston, TX

I will be appearing at Comicpalooza and speaking on the literary track panels. Also possibly haunting Emilia Clark.

armadilloCon 41, August 2-14 2019, Austin TX.

Details to come.

worldcon dublin August 15-19 2019, dublin, ireland

Details to come; excitement is palpable.

Appearances for 2018:
FollyCon March 3-April 2 2018, Harrogate, UK
BookPeople May 9, 7 pm. Austin TX.

I will be reading from The Sisters Mederos and signing books.

Comicpalooza, May 25-27, 2018

I will be on a read & critique panel, a panel on magic systems, and a literary fan roundtable, which sounds like it will be a rousing conversation and so much fun.

Writers League Agents & Editors Conference June 29-July 1

Panel: Turning your worldbuilding into drama.

Making Austin Weirder: Malvern Books July 29, 2 pm.

Join us to hear new work from some of Austin’s leading writers of fantastic literature! Get a sneak preview at what’s coming up for Austin’s science fiction and fantasy authors, just in time for ArmadilloCon 2018. Featuring Patrice Sarath, Christopher Brown, Stina Leicht, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Jessica Reisman, Robert Ashcroft, and Amanda Downum.

ArmadilloCon 40, August 3-5

Writers workshop. More details to come.

FenCon September 21-23

Details to come.

Stay tuned for more events…

Appearances for 2017:
World Fantasy Convention

San  Antonio, Texas. November 2-5

I have been scheduled for at least one panel and I will be reading from the super-secret new project and signing at the grand signing event. Hope to see you all there.

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