Words: 1,800, Total: 60,800!

Music: Lucinda Williams, Essence

Email conversation between my friend V and me:

Vanita: [sends picture of guy with amazingly unattractive yet obviously lovingly attended facial hair)
Me: But….why? Just answer me that and I can die happy.
Vanita: I can NEVER figure out why some guys do that crap. We were talking about john magnie, one of the leaders of the subdudes and an all around new Orleans musical treasure. I think he’s a really good-looking guy, except….he has this damn BILLY GOAT thing going on. It’s WAY beyond a soul patch…more like Uncle Sam run amok. Ick.
Me: It’s like Colonel Sanders.
Vanita: Yep. That’s it! I mean, when I see guys with the twirled handlebar mustaches, or the leprechaun beard, muttonchops or any of that crap, I always think about walking up to them and saying “if you’re wearing that and getting laid, consider yourself a VERY lucky man.”
Me: You would be doing them a favor if you did.

So any gents reading this. Why? Why?


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