Oh my, that was amazing. We were looking for a more moderately priced restaurant after the Mrs. B’s night. Stortini’s fit’s the bill. I had scoped the place out for lunch with Sharon and Max — it’s located conveniently close (like blocks away) to Sharon’s work, and since Max joins her at the office, they just strolled on over.

It was great for lunch, and even more fantastic for dinner. The food was wonderful. The only quibble was that Ben had requested the linguine but was served spaghetti instead — hey, it’s a detail they should have gotten right. But we had incredible appetizers (the mussels for Vanita and Byron, the beets for me, and the goat cheese with honey and lemon for Ben — heaven on a plate). 

 I know where Sharon and Max and I will be getting together for lunch next time.


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