This time we went to Ms B’s , up on Mesa, and had some gooood Creole food. We had heard some iffy reviews, but it really was quite good. Vanita and I had flounder, Byron had gumbo and the greens that we were convinced had heroin in them they were so good, Ben had the catfish, and then we had sweet potato pie, and bread pudding, and it. was. so. good.

 Well worth a visit. Good wines to go with our meal, and there’s no way I could remember what they were, but I had a crisp white wine to go with my flounder stuffed with crab and it was perfect.

The only downside — if we’re going to keep doing this, we have to find a cheaper place to eat. ; -)

 On another food note — chopping onions tonight for the black bean and mango salsa* and found myself with tears dripping down my face. Apparently when I wear contacts, they protect my eyes from onion fumes, but I’ve been wearing glasses all day. No protection. Well, okay, it’s a datapoint. Good to know.

* If you make this recipe, it’s really good and really easy, but I’ve never gotten the chicken breasts to come out remotely tasty. So I just make the salsa.

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