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Music: listening to kmfa.org streaming classical Christmas music. It’s like mainlining Mozart.

So are you ready for some Christmas?!!

Ha, me neither. I have cleaned house, and I have stocked up fridge and pantry. Most of the presents are bought, but there are still a few remaining. Well, that’s what Christmas Eve is for, right?

Except I have to work that day. Plus I am hosting our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. (My Aunt Rosie is famous for her traditional Christmas Eve dinners. My attempts are a pale imitation.) So I can either get last minute Christmas gifts or I can cook the traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

I can see where this is going.

Presents or no presents, we will have ceci di repieni, though. Can’t have Christmas without chidga da bean. (That’s the phonetic spelling of course.)

Here’s how to make them.

Throw some flour in a bowl. Make a well in the center and break an egg and add oil. Mix it together with your hands and a fork, add water if necessary, and gather it up into a ball. Let it sit while you do the ceci part.

Put cooked (or canned, I’m not here to judge) chick peas in a food processor and mash (or use a fork). Add raisins, honey and cinnamon. Mix well.

Back to the dough. Roll it out pretty thin, and then cut out circles (I use a water glass dipped in flour). Drop a teaspoonful of the ceci mixture into each circle, fold over, and press closed with a fork (dipped in flour). When you’ve got them all done, heat up some oil and saute (note: you aren’t deep frying, just frying) until golden on each side. Dust with powdered sugar and bite into my childhood memories.

Note: I’ve baked these too, but frying is just way more delicious. Sorry.


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