Joe Haldeman gave me his drink ticket! Oh and other stuff happened too.

Okay, okay, day one. Went to the panel on the influence of westerns on SF, and of course Firefly was mentioned. Joe Lansdale ran away with the panel, which discoursed over a wide range of topics, from Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour to Silverberg, Bloch, and Howard of course. The Conan stories = westerns and the consensus was they were more western than his actual westerns. Joe Lansdale pointed out that he had been to Howard’s house and stood in his backyard and recognized bits from his stories.

Went to the panel on “Why I write,” which was ably moderated by Matthew Bey. Panelists ended up talking about why they don’t write, and how they snap out of writer’s block. Talebones editor Patrick Swenson said that he misses writing and that editing takes away writing time. He spoke of the incredible value that Clarion and other workshops have because they put writers in company with other writers and mentors, fueling creativity.

Went to dinner with cryptopolis, and after that there was the pros party, and after that went to Matthew Bey’s reading, which was hilarious as he read from two stories, The Natural History of the Pancake Badger, and I forgot the name of the second one but it was a remake of “I am Sam” only with Sean Penn playing Cthuhlu.

Natural History is going up on the Town Drunk at some point, and the Cthulhu one is appearing in a something about tentacles anthology (sorry, I’ll edit when I find out the real name) from Sam’s Dot. So you need to make sure you buy the anthology and visit Town Drunk because you don’t want to miss them.

I’ll remind you.

It’s not late but I had one drink (Joe Haldeman!) so I’m useless. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.


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