I have a few pictures from World Fantasy Con. I have to admit, I mostly took out my camera for our day trip to Banff and Lake Louise. We just don’t get mountains like that here in Austin. But I did bring out the camera for the mass autographing. As always, click on the pictures for a bigger view.

The view from my seat:


The august S.M. Stirling:


Kay Kenyon and Lou Anders of Pyr:


Louise Marley and me:


Jeannette (J.K. Cheney) and Linda Glaser:


Friday night before the mass autographing, Jeannette and her husband, Linda, me, my husband and son, and a few other folks whose names I am spacing on, went out to dinner at a very nice Chinese restaurant not far from the hotel. It was an enjoyable night — also, Halloween, and there were plenty of people dressed up and ready to party.

Saturday my family and I went off to Banff, and got our fill of mountains and lakes and snow and ice, and it was wonderful, as you can see below:


 Then we went off to Lake Louise. It was this perfect teardrop of a lake, surrounded by mountains and shrouded in mist. I didn’t know what to expect, and since I’ve been in Texas for the last twenty years or so, I guess I was expecting BIG! VAST!

But it wasn’t. It was spectacular. Side note: in this picture I look so much like my grandmother. Same nose, same build. I’m always startled by these resemblances. How far back does it go, until we stop looking like our ancestors?


Afterwards I went to the Tor party, and Jeannette, Aliette, and Heather and I squeezed into a corner and talked about books, writing, and (there’s no getting around it) girl stuff. I love cons.

Oh! Prior to that was the Broad Universe reading. A lot of fun. Extremely eclectic since everybody just reads for about five minutes from whatever, and so you have different voices, different styles. I have to admit this is the first Broad Universe reading I’ve been to, and from now on it’s a must-see at any cons. Since the cast is always changing, it’s will never get static. (I’m not a member — someday I’m going to have a talk with myself about this fear of joining.)

 Okay, the post ends here.


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