Saturday was the kind of day that really makes Austin weird, as the bumper sticker says. Saturday morning I went to yoga at Lululemon on Sixth Street, near Waterloo Music. Paula from Kula Yoga taught a flow class and I had to bail a couple of times, once putting myself into child’s pose just to regain my composure. Listen, I only made peace with yoga when I realized that it’s not supposed to feel good til the class is over. People who say yoga is relaxing are like the people who say acupuncture doesn’t hurt. Of course acupuncture hurts — someone is sticking needles into you. It just doesn’t hurt as much as you think it should. Plus, it works. Just like yoga.

What else works? Shovels, sledgehammers, nine inch nails protruding from the end of two-by-fours, and other zombie killing implements that were on hand at the Space Squid issue release party at Frugal Media. Surprisingly, samurai swords didn’t. They bend when embedded into a zombie’s head.

There should be pictures soon — I still have a film camera and there’s been a delay in developing the pictures. But I am sure that Space Squid will have some to post soon too.

And hey, if you think yoga and zombies don’t mix, they don’t call them warrior poses for nothing, you know.


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