Today we will have to paint the pictures with words, since I took plenty of photos but the camera she does not link with the iPad.

We visited Gwydir Castle first, the family castle of the Gwynne family, of which my husband is a long-lost relation. We couldn’t get in as they had closed for the season, so we took photos of the outside and then of the peacocks standing sentry on the gate. Then we went up to the church they built and then wandered up the Fairy Falls. The water crashed down like thunder, the mists drifted across the green valleys, and everything was wet and cold and gray.

After a stop at the Woolen Mill in Trefw we went to Conwy and walked the walls of the castle. The view was stunning over the river, and the castle itself is breathtaking. It is pretty structurally well preserved, and the walls are strong and reinforced. The towers are still accessible.

Cold cobblestones are hard to walk on. I think this is a point to remember.

Afternoon tea in a lovely little gift shop and then we went and strolled the High Street of Conwy, which has some very old Elizabethan era homes. The city was busy and lively,

Now we’re sitting in front of a fire at the Groes Inn, one of the oldest pubs in Wales. It’s raining, misting rather, and the sun has set and it’s about 5 pm. We’ve shopped, eaten, and toured.

Now to write in front of the fire.

What I will probably do is put up the photos on FB and direct you all there after I get back. There are a few already on my Gordath Wood page. Just go to the home page of the blog and hit the FB like button if you would like to see pictures of lovely Welsh castles and countryside. But that won’t be until the second week of November, probably.


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