This weekend I will be at Odyssey 2010, also known as Eastercon. If you are going to the con, please stop by and say hi. I will be part of the mass autographing on Saturday at midday.

Following that, I will be co-teaching at the writer’s workshop with a very fine bunch of writers from the London T Party, and on Sunday, diving into deep questions of heroism, feminism, and other isms. I am sure it will get emotional, possibly even heated. What’s the fun otherwise?

The full program is here.

After-con events will likely include Bath (I think Miss Mary Bennet would be wistfully pleased and yes, it will be research) and that sort of scenery I’ve seen only from Sunday nights watching Masterpiece Theater on PBS.

Also, museums.

I’ll try to blog as I go and upload photos, so check back often for reports.

The weather report calls for cold, but it’s been absolutely gorgeous here in Austin.  I will try not to whine about the cold but I can’t promise absolutely good behavior.



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