From Twitter: After 2 pretty stupid #armadillocon panels, thanks to @PatriceSarath for moderating a thoughtful panel on writing strong female characters.

Well, it’s what I strive to do.

Armadillocon this year started at the pizza lunch at Mangia on Friday afternoon. I took off from work and had lunch with about 15 other congoers including organizer Lawrence Person, Steven Gould, Fred Stanton, Urania and Cynthia Fung, and a host of others. Mangia pizza is pretty good — their carnivore is enormous and it is exactly what it sounds like.

After that it was just a matter of being like a little kid while at work, waiting for the final bell. Got up to the con, did a turn around the dealer room, met with friends, and caught up with the workshop people. Everyone said it was fantastic this year. So I say again, if you are a writer who wants to get to the next level, think about the Armadillocon writers workshop. Although they may skip 2013 because of Worldcon being in San Antonio next year and there likely won’t be an Armadillocon since most of the organizers will be running Worldcon.

A. Lee Martinez was toastmaster and gave a wry and humorous speech about what it means to be a writer, the hell that is bookstore signings, and more fun. Best part: talking with another person playing on X box who found out he was a writer:

Other gamer: I’ve never played against a famous person before.

Alex: You still haven’t.

My first panel was on How Would an Alien Presence on Earth Affect our Society, and we didn’t really go there. We talked a lot about movies.

My next panel was much better: Writing a Strong Female Protagonist, with Michael Bracken, Kathy Kimbriel, Chloe Neill, Rhiannon Frater, Jaime Moyer and myself. What happens when you get a bunch of thoughtful writers on a meaty subject who have plenty to say? A really solid panel with a lot of great commentary and excellent questions from the audience.

There was a fire drill early on in the evening, so we were all ushered outside of the building and then came back in to watch a waterfall streaming down inside the atrium from one of guest rooms. Someone had set off the sprinkler system. There were firefighters.

My panels today include SF/F Mysteries and a Reading. I may show up at my signing in the morning too but I want to see a bunch of other panels so I might not, you know. However, if you are at the con and you want something signed, please track me down, and come to my reading at 5:30. I’ll also have books for sale too. And there are a couple in the dealers room at Adventures in Crime and Space.



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