So. Much. Fun. This year, I got more involved with ArmadilloCon than ever and it was so worth it. I was particularly interested in programming. Not to brag, but I got to work with smart, committed volunteers who are invested in making ArmadilloCon programming smart, exciting, absorbing, challenging, and inclusive. I heard over and over: “The programming is great this year!” Yep. It was. And next year it’s going to be better. *Note: Programming was so good that the panel on how to moderate a panel was fully attended and it was funny and insightful.

The writing workshop was amazing. Rebecca Schwarz organized a successful and energizing program. More than 60 students met in small groups with two teachers per group, and critiqued each other’s work, and received insights from pros. You guys, I was absolutely blown away by the creativity of “my” students, and they are going to be awesome. Shoot, they are already awesome.

PSA: If you are on a journey toward publication, think about the ArmadilloCon Writer’s Workshop. I’m a graduate — Marshall Ryan Maresca, Stina Leicht, and Rebecca Schwarz are among the students who have gone pro. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Here are some highlights:

Lauren Teffeau reading from her new book Implanted.

Sharing teaching duties with Deji Olukotun.

Interviewing Holly Black

Being in the presence of Tex Thompson’s “weaponized extroversion.”

Catching up with Audrey Lockwood

Crying over Carrie Fisher in front of Martha Wells and Barbara Ann Wright and not feeling judged because they know.

There’s more, but this would be several thousand words, so just listen to me when I tell you.

Go to ArmadilloCon next year. I want to hang out with you.

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