I am feeling more of a let-down from this year’s ArmadilloCon, possibly because it was one of the best in recent years. I lingered longer than usual on Sunday, and as a result I napped hard when I got home (this despite fortifying myself with a latte for the road).

In no particular order, here’s what happened:

Ken Liu‘s presentation on translating The Three Body Problem. Thoughtful and philosophical, about language, culture, meaning, and intention in translation.

Michelle Muenzler’s reading, and also her moderation of the Hugos discussion. Well done, Michelle!

The classic feminist SF panel. We did great, and thanks to L. Timmel Duchamp chiming in from the audience, we managed to touch on everyone.

Growing the Next Generation of Readers — Mari Mancusi had good data, and KB Rylander came prepared with evidentiary support. I’m linking to KB’s award-winning short story because I can and you all should read it.

Fannish Food — laughter and fun and blatant cheating.

How to Perform Major Surgery on Your Novel — kill your darlings, kill your darlings, kill your darlings. Also, editors are on your side, so be professional and use the criticism.

Rebecca Schwarz‘s lovely lyrical story, in which she brought it all together at the end in a surprising way. A story that made me go, oh!

The science fiction mystery panel: I got so many recommendations, and my to-read pile has just doubled in size.

Friends and supporters who came to hear my reading. I am always happy to take my words out for a spin.

Next up: FenCon in September. Can’t wait.



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