The New Yorker has an article on Nora Roberts this week. Well worth it to seek it out. I was left feeling utterly inadequate  — the woman is a machine, writes for 6 to 8 hours a day, fueled on cigarettes and aspartame, and produces at least four new books a year — and exhilarated. It’s not so much that if she can do it,  so can I, but more like, well … hmmm, maybe that’s exactly what I mean.

The article did for me what many a writers workshop should do, which is re-energize and re-confirm your commitment to the craft.

She also does a fantastic job of keeping in contact with her fans, but it’s not a marketing strategy that was developed to sell books. She’s been in chat rooms from when the Web’s popularity took off, and and it’s just the way she does things.

She’s unpretentious yet cocky, and likeable. Go, Nora!


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