Words: 1,000

Music: KGSR Broadcast Vol. 16

The new project was up to about 79,000 words until I cut it back down to 59,000. Now it’s about 60,000. It’s okay. That section is the core of another novel and it is waiting its turn in the queue. But it didn’t work in this novel, though it is related.  So I cut yesterday, and tonight, after the booksigning at BookPeople, which was sparsely attended but fun, began the drafting process all over again. It’s going better though. That’s because I’ve pruned the deadwood and now the green shoots are showing. (How’s that for a gardening metaphor?)

I still think I can get this done by the end of the month and send it out to my first readers.

At the reading, I decided to read from Gordath Wood, the scene where Kate and Colar steal the Jeep out from under Bahard’s nose and drive it back to camp. It’s one of my favorite scenes, partly because it’s funny and partly because it practically wrote itself.

After the booksigning Ben and A and I went to Austin Java for a late lunch/early dinner. I got the Thai salad and was disappointed. I left most of it and ate some of Ben’s crawfish pasta, which was amazing. A devoured his bacon cheeseburger and I snagged some of his chips. So I didn’t go hungry.

Oh my goodness, just finished listening to Sam Baker and Gurf Morlix’s Slots.  What a gorgeous song.


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