I’ve been featured on a couple of author blogs this week to support Fog Season’s release week. Thanks to D.B Jackson and Anna Kashina for letting me chat on their blogs about Fog Season, worldbuilding, writing, and more!

The talented Anna Kashina is the author of the MAJAT Code series and the forthcoming Shadowblade (May 2019, Angry Robot Books). Here’s what we talked about:

Q: What do you like most about worldbuilding? What are your biggest challenges?

A: I think every fantasy and science fiction writer gets in the game for the worldbuilding. I mean, it’s the most fun, right? My goal with worldbuilding is to make the created world feel as lived in as our own. I focus on character interaction with their world in the same way we interact with ours. I don’t write paragraphs of long detail but instead provide my worldbuilding in small, concrete illustrations of how the world feels, smells, looks, and impacts the character. Read More

D.B Jackson, critically acclaimed author of Time’s Children (first book in the Islevale Cycle, published by Angry Robot), asked me about city building:

Building a City from the Ground Up

When I was developing the city of Port Saint Frey, the setting of my secondary world fantasy series, I wanted the city to feel real and lived in, in a way that would draw in readers so they could feel like they were visiting the place themselves. While Port Saint Frey is an amalgam of San Francisco, Baltimore, and Bath, England, I was inspired by Charles de Lint’s Newford. De Lint is a master at creating place, and Newford has the dimensionality of a real city. It lives on after the reader closes the page. That’s what I was aiming for with Port Saint Frey.  Read More, including an excerpt from Fog Season. 

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