Nick Tyler and Penny Reeve and me.

Well that was fun. Angry Robot throw a good book party. We launched Jeff Noon’s The Body Library, the second book in his new series, and he signed a massive number of books. I signed a few too. Paul Young, the artist who did the cover for The Sisters Mederos, also signed my copy, and I made the Angry Robot team sign it too, because you know what? I will keep it forever and some day it will be worth millions, when we’re all famous. Heh.

This morning before I went to the con I went around the shopping district in Harrogate and it was really fun, despite the rain. And you know what? I had always designed Port Saint Frey as an amalgam of San Francisco and Bath, but I think it’s really San Francisco and Harrogate. There’s even an Esplanade in Harrogate, as there is in Port Saint Frey. So much fun! There’s a tour of the town on Monday morning, and I think I’ll do it properly before we have to leave for London.

The panel on trans characters in SFF was absorbing and thoughtful, and gave me food for thought about how to portray all genders and all people as people. Then I went back to the dealer room and the art show, puttered around a bit at the hotel, and after the book launch, took a break and went back to the flat for a rest. Well, first, I went grocery shopping, because it’s very important to be properly stocked up at these things. Omelets for breakfast tomorrow!

Mood: Grateful.

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