In the first five weeks of the year, I have written five stories. Yup, so far so good on my #1story/1wk challenge. This has not been an easy challenge, and yes, that’s why they call it a challenge, I know. I usually can’t get to the story until the weekend, so it’s more like a story in one afternoon rather than a story a week. But some have surprised me, and others have been, well — what can you expect when you write a story in an afternoon? But of the ones that have surprised me, ooh, it’s been like finding a diamond in the the rough draft. I’ve promised myself not to edit any of these until the year is up, with the exception of story number 5, because I would like to get that one out to everyone soon. It’s a tale from Port Saint Frey, and I’ve included a snippet below.

The stories thus far:

    • Lucy Grey
    • The Star Seed Witches Meet at Midnight
    • The Westering Woman
    • The Campaign
    • Red Ned Mederos and the Sea Girl of Port Saint Frey.

This last one is a story in the Tales of Port Saint Frey. When I clean it up I’ll make it available. For now, here’s a snippet:

Yivenne and Tesara’s great-grandfather, back when Mederos family was still a bunch of bandits and smugglers (And yes, come to think of it, apple and tree).

From bandits to ballrooms in three generations. — folk saying of Port Saint Frey

Ned Mederos stood on the cliffs overlooking the sea, and watched his quarry turn away toward safety and the harbor. He doused his lantern. He was a tall, pale man, his watery blue eyes and reddish beard accentuated with a cruel mouth and impatient expression.

“Well,” said his companion, the rotund and genial Theo Balinchard. “That’s another one.”

Ned Mederos raised his eyes to the heavens. “Oh, is it Theo? Is it really? Do you think you could not chatter so much?”

“I’m just saying, Ned. The game has run its course. The merchant mariners all know to steer to port when they see the light. Word at Aether’s is that the town is raising money for a lighthouse on Dolphin. Head.”


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