Hey! So if you ever wondered where you can find my short stories, here’s a roundup of what’s out there, both old and new. Of course you can go to the Anthology page on this site, where you can find stories that came out in several magazines and anthologies over the years. These are free short stories, mind you — great for a break between novels, a palate cleanser if you will.

I’ve also had two stories come out this year that you can read in full. Did I mention these are also free short stories?

The Star Seed Witches Meet at Midnight. This was one of the first stories I wrote in 2019, in my year of the story a week challenge, which I chronicled here.

Vernacular Books also published my story, “Spider,” which came out in the Way of the Laser Crime anthology. You can find it and several other fine anthologies and novels under the Vernacular imprint.

Joe Fledge’s Jump. This story was a finalist in the Jim Baen Memorial Science Fiction contest in 2018. It was acquired by Utopia Science Fiction this year. Utopia Science Fiction also did a quick interview with me about Joe Fledge’s Jump, in which I discuss research, utopias, and other thoughts.

I have another story coming out later this year in the horror anthology series, Texas Road Kill, put out by Hellbound Books. I will let you know when it’s out and ready for your perusal.

In other news, Malvern Books hosted a book club for readers of The Sisters Mederos and we had a laidback conversation about the book, the sisters, the inspiration behind the story, and lots more. If you’re interested in reading more stories from The Tales of Port Saint Frey, please visit the anthology page and check out Red Ned Mederos and the Sea Girl of Port Saint Frey if you haven’t already. And if you like that one, message me via the contact page, and I’ll send you “Theo Ballinchard and the Oranges of Possibility”.

Now that the grandfather origin stories are complete, stay tuned for some more stories from the Mederos-Ballinchard family.

So if you wanted to know where you could find Patrice Sarath free short stories, here you go. Enjoy!

On another note: The convention season is back! I’ll have more about my upcoming appearances as schedules get firmed up. Hope to see some of you in person soon.


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