Let the adventures begin…

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10 Reasons Why:

  • In these dark times, sisters kicking butt and taking names can inspire us all to do what’s right.
  • Conversely, when you need a comfort read, hot coffee, and biscuits as high as the gunwales, The Sisters got you covered.
  • Who doesn’t like a comeback story with derring-do, cross-dressing, and hidden powers?
  • Evil headmistresses abound. Well, really there’s only one, but she outkicks her coverage in the evil department.
  • Two words: muckraking journalism
  • Duels of wits, masked balls, irresponsible new friends, a sweet love interest, and did we mention inconvenient powers?
  • Uncle Samwell. At first comic relief, and so much more.
  • A smuggler’s lair, daring escapes, and a wicked employer.
  • Two housemaids who are not who they seem, a governess with a side hustle, a cross-dressing mistress, an arranged marriage, and unexpected allies.
  • And finally, how can you resist? “House Mederos was once the wealthiest merchant family in Port Saint Frey. Now the family is disgraced, impoverished, and humbled by the powerful Merchants Guild. Daughters Yvienne and Tesara Mederos are determined to uncover who was behind their family’s downfall and get revenge. But Tesara has a secret – could it have been her wild magic that caused the storm that destroyed the family’s merchant fleet? The sisters’ schemes quickly get out of hand – gambling is one thing, but robbing people is another…”



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