A Smart Bitches Trashy Books review of “Memories of Gravity,” which appeared in The Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance. As always, they are tough graders, but they liked my story, yay!

I feel conflicted though, because the reviewer reeaally didn’t like the rest of the anthology except for a handful of stories. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

I didn’t think any of these stories rose above a “B” grade, but the standouts included the two stories by Linnea Sinclair, the ghost story “Memories of Gravity”, by Patrice Sarath, “Fade Away and Radiate”, by Michele Lang, and “In The Interest of Security” by Regan Black.  I also found that “Red Dawn”, by Delilah Devlin, sort of stuck in my head.  It ends abruptly but I liked the characters and they stayed with me long after I read the story.

In the meantime (there’s always a meantime) I am just over 59,000 words on Bandit Girls. The game’s afoot, there’s plotting, counterplotting, double-crossing, cross-dressing, mistaken identity, and pistols at dawn. This is going to be fun.




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