Being pragmatic is a wonderful thing. For instance, having a day job — not a bad concept. I need financial security in order to create. That’s just the way it is. The trade-off is time and energy, and that most definitely has taken a toll on my creative output, if nothing else. I know there’s a good chance I sacrificed creativity for financial security.

Enter ArmadilloCon. Because just this past weekend I was rejuvenated and re-energized by the outpouring of creativity surrounding me. I came in Friday night a bit tired and exhausted from the workweek, a bit demoralized about my writing and art, and stayed almost until they kicked us all out on Sunday afternoon.

And I had an epiphany. This is my tribe. These are my people. Work is where I cosplay. Conventions and writing groups are where I find my mojo.

The convention this year was amazing. The interview with Tamora Pierce was so much fun and interesting, and my reading was a hit. The panels were a rousing success, and the ones that weren’t — well, we gossiped plenty about those. So that’s a success too!

I left with a renewed vigor and a story idea that is going to be my next novella. By the way, on the short story vs. novel panel, we talked about how do you know when an idea is a short story and when it’s a novel, and this one is a novella.

I’m excited about starting it.

But first, the new project. I read from a section of the new project at my reading, and the audience was receptive, and I continue to be excited and happy about it. It’s working and humming on all cylinders, and there’s nothing like it.

So this week has been work re-entry, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But kids, I’ve got my mojo back, and I have ArmadilloCon to thank. *

See you all next year.

* Seriously, thanks to all the volunteers who make the convention go. It’s a thankless job, and you all do great work. ArmadilloCon is 40 years old next year. You bet it’s going to be a doozy.


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