Here’s my ConDFW schedule.

I plan to read from the upcoming Bandit Girls. It is going to be so much fun to take the new novel out for a spin. Can’t wait!

Saturday, 12pm: The Art of Making Cover Art
Panelists: Patrice Sarath (M), Alain Viesca, Brad W. Foster, Melia Dawn Newman, Teddy Harvia
One of the most important uses of art and illustration is for cover art.  Covers are not just used for comics, and books, they are used for movie posters, video game boxes (and video game entrance screens!), DVDs, the list goes on.  We look to our experienced panelists for guides in how to make cover art that pops.

Saturday, 1pm: Size Matters!  Monsters in Fiction
Panelists: Angeline Hawkes (M), Michelle Muenzler, Rhonda Eudaly, Patrice Sarath, Michael Ashleigh Finn
From “Pacific Rim” to Godzilla, monster movies have made a comeback.  However, apocalyptic monsters are not always seen to be unfriendly to humans – perfect examples of this are “How to Train Your Dragon” or the Pern series by Anne McCaffery.  Our panelists explore the evolution of monsters from predatory beasts to boon companions.  Note: Giant mechs may or may not be involved.

Saturday, 3pm: Patrice Sarath, Candace Havens, Rhonda Eudaly

Sunday, 11am: Young Adult vs New Adult
Panelists: Patrice Sarath (M), Cassandra Rose Clarke, Amy Sisson, Shanna Swendson, Rie Sheridan Rose
Where does the genre of Young Adult end and New Adult begin?  Is it High School?  College?  What is this “New Adult” genre in the first place?  (Technically, New Adult is fiction which takes place in college age.)  Our panelists talk about these hot genres where Urban Fiction and Paranormal Romance love to live – The world of Fifty Shades of Grey, True Blood and its ilk.  What is appropriate for “young adult” anyways?




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