I will be at ConDFW this weekend. Looks to be a good one. Since I despise the drive from Austin to Dallas, I’m taking the bus, and actually I’m looking forward to it. I can get some reading done, and maybe even some writing. That would be nice.

I’m going to be on the following panels:
Saturday, 11am: Return of the Lone Western
Panelists: Sabine Starr (M), Scott A. Cupp, Tex Thompson, Linda Donahue, Patrice Sarath, Bill Crider
Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight brought signature Western back to the cinemas this past month. Is it a sign the Western is back?  Or is it just a fanboy’s dream?  Our panelists talk about cinematic Westerns and their effect on writing Westerns in today’s world.
Saturday, 3pm: The Slippery Slope Between Mystery and Horror
Panelists: Patrice Sarath (M), Scott A. Cupp, Lillian Stewart Carl, Carole Nelson Douglas, Teresa Patterson, Bill Crider
When does a murder mystery become horror?  In “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie, all 10 people who go to the island mansion die, one by one, in increasingly disturbed ways.  Is it still a mystery by the end?  Or is it a horror novel?  Our panelists explore the boundary between mystery and horror and how to use it to its full potential.
Saturday, 5pm: Where do Heroes Go to Die?
Panelists: Tracy S. Morris (M), Barbara Ann Wright, Patrice Sarath, Gloria Oliver, Michelle Muenzler
Last year we heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing Legend of Conan (eventually?  Maybe?  Now it looks like November 2016) as a direct sequel to the first Conan, where it ended with him being King, old and grizzled.  As a concept, the idea is neat, and is something that Howard dealt with in his original stories as well.  Just how do you write old heroes?  Our writers of sword and sorcery discuss these topics
and more.

Sunday, 11am: KM Tolan, Patrice Sarath


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