My score of The Right Saint John‘s included a bonus; Several pages of other titles that the publisher puts out for young readers.  These books are separated by Books for Boys, Books for Girls, and Books for Children. It’s a treasure trove of research material. Of course the books for boys are adventures, and the books for girls are domestic stories, but here is this gem, proving that we’ve always known that girls also love a good adventure book.

The Girl Crusoes, by Mrs. Herbert Strang

It is a common experience that young girls prefer stories written for their brothers to those written for themselves. They have the same love of adventure, the same admiration for brave and heroic deeds, as boys; and in these days of women travellers and explorers there are countless instances of women displaying courage and endurance in all respects equal to that of the other sex.  Recognizing this, Mrs. Herbert Strang has written a story of adventure in which three English girls of the present day are the central figures, and in which the girl reader will find as much excitement and amusement as any boy’s book could furnish.

And lo — Project Gutenberg has it. Onto the Kindle it goes! I am looking forward to reading this one, especially after reading Emilie and the Hollow World. We need more adventure books for girls!


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