I got my October issue of Realms of Fantasy over the weekend. Then I found out today that the magazine is folding, this time for good. Realms has had more rebirths than the phoenix, seems like. It was the little magazine that would not die. Alas, ’twas not be.

My short stories Into the Dark and Ice were both published in Realms of Fantasy, and they were two of my proudest sales.

Shawna in her farewell essay says:

Since this is my third attempt at a farewell editorial, you’d think I’d be adept at it by now. Not so much, I’m afraid. Realms has been my baby from the first issue in 1994 to the last (sob) in 2011.

Shawna, it was a truly amazing run. I am sorry it can’t continue. Thank you for the pleasure of reading some of the best contemporary fantasy out there.




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