SONY DSCIf you are looking for a good iPad setup for writers, here’s my new traveling system. It was so easy to bring this on vacation, especially since you don’t have to put your iPad in a separate bin when going through security or turn it on, or anything. Just leave it in your carry on. I never thought I would be able type on something this small, but the keyboard is surprisingly comfortable.

The only caveat is that the keyboard and iPad use Bluetooth to talk, and boy does that go through the battery charge like nobody’s business. I settled in to wait for my flight with a couple of books I had uploaded via my Kindle app the night before, and much to my surprise the iPad was dead because I left the Bluetooth connection on. Live and learn. And it’s not so bad to make an emergency dash to the airport bookstore. (I picked up Tina Fey’s Bossypants, for the record.)


  • iPad
  • Apple wireless keyboard
  • Word Touch Document Writer (very usable; you can transfer documents to and from Dropbox. It only supports .docx and html formats, though, no rtf or other formats, but even I could resave from .rtf to .doc.

It won’t replace my laptop, which pretty much just lives in my office now as a de facto desktop now, but I feel comfortable using the iPad for traveling and coffee shop or library writing.


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