Visited friends in San Antonio, and as I predicted, there was beer. Also, margaritas. Ben Tom and A and I visited Johnny Love and Melissa and their four boys. We sat in the shade in the back yard and caught up on life, friends, work, family, everything that makes life worth living. And K called from college, so it was like everyone was there.

John and Ben have been friends since high school. We don’t see them often enough. We are going to change that, and not just because John makes a mean margarita. Good friends are hard to come by.

So they are raising four boys and doing a great job. John is as mellow as ever, Melissa as sharp and funny (her sex talk to her sons: “I’ve told them if they make a baby with some hootchie and I don’t get to see that baby, they are in for a world of hurt.”)

There’s also been some amazing weather in Texas — yesterday was a little too hot but today was cool and sunny. I got a lot of yardwork done so our backyard looks liveable. The herb garden is still alive, and let me tell you, I’ve got a black thumb that strikes fear in plants. So something is going right. I’m determined this year to practice benign neglect.

And the writing is flowing. I’ve decided to use the blog to keep a tally so I can focus on progress. So um, yeah, nothing so far this weekend, but I should get some done tonight.

It’s been a wonderful weekend. Talked with my mom, and her hip is no longer bothering her and so she is happier and healthier and no longer as stressed. Pain is mentally debilitating. Talked to my brother, and his book is getting well-publicized by his publisher (he writes books on music and creativity). Got plenty of vitamin D and sunshine.

Tried to track down the current issue of Black Gate since it has a review of Gordath Wood in it, but the Barnes & Noble didn’t have it. So I got the last Realms of Fantasy, the most recent F&SF, and a new book by the author of the Captain Alatriste books. Barnes & Noble is so dangerous.

Also, yes, the furniture came, so our living room is complete.


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