Tonight at the Cactus Cafe: Fascinating discussion on the grisly violence of the Mexico drug wars, as perpetrated by the Zetas, and how it may have been inspired by the gruesome violence perpetrated by Al Qaida operatives in Iraq. John Burnett and Lawrence Wright are two of my favorite reporters and writers.The topic was uncomfortable and enlightening. Interesting that John Burnett used the term “ultraviolence” without even a hint of irony. Life, imitating art, and making it much much worse than originally conceived.

Views & Brews: The New Pornography of Violence

Then on a more cheerful note, hopped over to BookPeople for Stina Leicht’s signing for And Blue Skies from Pain, the follow up to Of Blood and Honey. I’m looking forward to more Liam. Then again, with Stina’s books about the Troubles, maybe the evening had a theme to it.

I have some good news coming up about the next book in the Gordath Wood series, and can’t wait to tell you! But all in good time…


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