When I got to the farm Shari said, “You have a choice tonight. Chocolate or Mr. Dees.”

My prompt response: “I would like Mr. Dees, because I would like to canter tonight.”

She agreed that was a better choice. So I rode Mr. Dees in the round pen and we did really well. This was the first horse I had ridden at the farm and the first time he gave me a lot of trouble by veering out of his corners. The round pen is an easier ring and I was able to keep him in line. We walked, trotted, I practiced my jump seat over cavaletti, and we did some turns on the forehand! Go Mr. Dees!

Then we cantered, and while the canter start was a little rough, and Mr. Dees himself has a rollicking gait, we did really well. My seat was good, my hands were good, and I was able to collect him without him coming out of the canter, which meant my legs are getting very strong. Oh, and in the trot, he was very strong, pushing from his hindquarters, and his head was down and his neck bowed so nicely, instead of up and straining against the bit. So he was really responsive to me, despite my aids probably not being all that clear.

I really felt like I am coming back pretty quickly. I think next week I can practice more two-point at the canter, and work on cavaletti.

My next lesson I am going to bring a camera and see if we can get some pictures for the blog. Then again, I ride in the evening and it’s starting to get dark early, so we’ll have to see how them come out.

Oh, and about 500 words on the current project.


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