This morning was the amazing sight of Venus hanging below the crescent moon as if it were a diamond on a very fancy necklace. I tried to get a picture but my settings were all wrong, and everything came out looking like two comets crashing into the planet, which was cool and all, but not exactly what was going on.

I was also distracted by the fact that someone had smeared blood on my husband’s truck. We called the cops, but seriously, gross. We aren’t sure what happened. We heard the dog bark around 12:30 last night, but since she has the same response to possums and raccoons, we don’t take her seriously. Maybe we should, perhaps? Anyway, the cops were unfazed, like blood-smeared trucks happen all the time, but you know, may they should have been a bit more curious? I would be. There weren’t any bodies lying around that we could see.

Horsebackriding tonight was great. Mr. Dees was ornery and I was trying to get him to canter depart with more panache than just trottrottrottrot really really really fast until he finally gets going. We maybe got it a little bit but not really. Well, it’s something to work on next time. I feel bad for him too because by the time it’s my turn to ride the poor guy has already been out there for an hour. I cut my lessons short because of that. If it’s only 40 minutes instead of an hour, I’m cool with that. I am also tired of the round pen and would like to move into the big ring at some point. I may talk to the instructors for next week.

TUMB is coming along! The second draft is almost finished and ready to go to first readers at the end of the month. It’s so exciting to see it come together. I feel really good about this, which I hope is not going to jinx matters. But it’s making me happy and for now, that’s what it’s all about. When it’s time to market this one, then I’ll start worrying.

Research for GWIII is also happening. I don’t really outline, but I keep it the sequence of events in my head, and the sequence is … well, sequencing. I’ve been doing some very fun research for this one and don’t want to say too much about it right now, but the reading has been excellent. Yeah, the Internet is fine, but you know what — actual books, that have been peer-reviewed and edited are much better source material.


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