Wow. Talk about a cover. This is  for the Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance, coming out in December with my story “Pilot’s Forge.”That is one hot guy.

Upon taking a closer look, I have decided that the cover artist chose Merritt Crane, my hero, for the cover. Because he’s exactly as I imagined Merritt.

For example:

She padded down the steps as quietly as she could. Her spaceman dozed in the chair by the window, the gun lying in his lap. He didn’t wake, and she just took him in for a minute. Tall and lean, with dark hair, stubble on his face. Not classically handsome — someone had broken his nose at one point and it set awry, and she bet he had been teased about his ears when he was a kid —  but oh, nice just the same. She took another step down the stairs, hitting the step that always creaked. He jerked awake, handgun up, then relaxed as he took in his surroundings. He looked at her.

See? Mmmm….


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