He’s driven, dangerous, and more than a little crazy. But that’s why the Aeritan Council has engaged General Marthen to fight its war.

A commoner, Marthen has bigger ambitions than that of soldier. He knows he is meant to be a lord. When a stranger girl is brought to him wearing outlandish clothes and bearing strange belongings, he understands for the first time that his ambitions are no longer restricted to Aeritan. There’s a wider world out there and he aims to grab his piece of it.

But first he has to win this war.

Gordath Wood had always had a reputation for eeriness, for sly stories. Don’t go in the wood alone, the peasants said, you’ll never know where you’re going to end up. Now this. And he had a feeling, looking at the strange artifacts, that they were just a precursor. Something big is coming through the Wood, Marthen thought. I was right to torch it. His aides had protested the order, objecting to the mass destruction it implied. The loose coalition of lords that he answered to were emphatically against it as well, yet he knew that he had to stop whatever was coming through in order to cut off Tharp’s advantage.

 Something is coming through the Wood, Marthen thought again, tossing the helmet onto his camp bed. And just my luck – Tharp gets powerful new weapons that will cut my army to ribbons unless I can find a way to stop him.

I get a girl.

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