I have been working on a non-Gordath Wood novel for most of this year, but that project is coming to a close. It will go to my agent in October, freeing up my time for my next work. That will be the third book in the Gordath Wood series.

When last I left the world of Aeritan, I really did not want to continue. I knew there were more stories to tell, particularly Kate’s, but I was done. As many of my friends have heard me say, “I am so tired of these people and their petty ‘save-the-world’ problems!”

Now, though.  Now, they have come around and are telling me their stories. I spend my free time plotting and mapping out dialog and scenes. I know the major story arcs and the events and I know where this book will end up. This book wants to be written now, not in October.

And so, I give in. I need to get a bit more headway on TUMB, as I am calling it for the moment, but this weekend I am going to start stitching together scenes from GW3.

<rubbing hands gleefully.> I can’t wait.

On another note: Gordath Wood has a fan page on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, please become a fan. I am doing this as an experiment in marketing, and promise to have more content on that page soon. You may also click on the facebook link on the lefthand sidebar on the main page of this blog. Thanks so much! Oh and duh, I am also on Facebook as Patrice Sarath. Please stop by and be my friend.


J. Kathleen Cheney · August 22, 2009 at 12:21 pm

I am pleased by this ;o)

Patrice Sarath · August 22, 2009 at 12:42 pm


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