At age sixteen, young Colar of Terrick is going to war for the first time. He’s assigned to the scouts, the hardened unit of outriders and spies who ride for General Marthen. He is determined not to let down his general, his captain, and most importantly, his father, Lord Terrick. He’s still finding his footing, though, balanced as he is between boy and man.  

The blood thundered in his head and only when it cleared could he trust himself to speak. Colar forced himself to look at the other scout, and tried to act like the captain.

“We aren’t touching her and we aren’t tying her.”

Jayce stared at him, incredulous. “You don’t give the orders here, boy.”

Colar almost couldn’t breathe. Instead he put his hand to the hilt of his sword. He hoped that was enough of a threat. He hoped he wouldn’t have to say what was struggling to come out from behind his teeth.

If you touch her I’ll tell my father.

When Jayce sneered and turned away, Colar knew that it was that last unspoken threat that he responded to.

When Colar meets Kate, a girl his own age from a far distant land, he’s intrigued. She’s so different from the girls he knows. They become friends, albeit wary ones. The problem is, she has caught the eye of the most dangerous man in the army: General Marthen.

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