What if CEOs of public companies only got paid in stock? And when they retire, they can cash it all in. Sure would be an incentive to run a company responsibly, right? And if there’s stock manipulation and mismanagement a la Enron, they have to give it all back.

Any other parents out there grimly happy that the Chinese government will be both ruthless and pragmatic when it comes to punishing the businessmen who poisoned the milk with melamine?

On the other hand, it looks like China has singlehandedly jumpstarted the space race!

Okay, the stock thing is naive. But if we are going to nationalize the entire financial system, shouldn’t a CEO’s pay be the same as a government official’s? The president gets $400,000 a year. True, he also gets room and board. So make that $450,000. And he has a jet and a helicopter. $475,000, but that’s my final offer!

Anyone else have a disconcerting moment when they found themselves agreeing with Newt Gingrich on the bailout?

Did you get the American e-mail yet? I think my response could be described best as, “laughed hollowly.”

BP plc, forever known as British Petroleum, has been running ads on American TV about drilling for “our oil” and exploiting “our resources.” Didn’t we solve that issue back in 1776?

Hey, I know! “What would Warren Buffett do?!” Why didn’t Henry Paulson think of investing in Goldman Sachs? Instead, we got the companies with all the bad debt. I’m not sure that’s value investing.

Note: A bowdlerized, nay, eviscerated version of this appeared online at a site that shall remain nameless, at least right now. 

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