Let’s just make one thing clear: under John McCain’s health care plan, you can kiss your health care insurance coverage good-bye. As soon as employers can discontinue providing health care benefits they will. As soon as people have to go buy health care on their own, insurance companies will cherry pick the healthy and leave the rest of us to founder.

If you have any health issues, you won’t get health care, or it will be prohibitively expensive. It will be like car insurance — you know how your car insurance goes up with an accident or a ticket? Better not get sick; you’ll get dropped like a hot potato. And you won’t be able to take a comedy defensive driving class to wipe your record clean. All it will take is one diagnosis and you will be cut loose.

Insurance companies will do anything they can to take your premiums and avoid paying out. Look up any insurer — pick an insurance company and google the name + lawsuit (if you have nexis you can come up with amazing stuff). It will sicken you to see the lengths that health insurers go to keep from paying out.

We are the only modern nation in the world that does not provide health care for its citizens. That’s embarrassing, and I say it directly to any Republicans out there: this plan will just destroy what health insurance is out there, and it is a crying shame that the Republican party is endorsing this plan. It’s nothing but a gimmick, and a nasty one at that.

John McCain calls himself a maverick. Well, I suppose it is somewhat maverick-like to throw 300 million Americans to the wolves.


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