This time, writer’s block has manifested as a solid rock in the pit of my stomach. I look around at what is happening in my country and I think, is this it? Are we at the end of the United States of America? Are white supremacists that willing to destroy their nation because they don’t want other people to have what they have? Gun-toting, torch-bearing, honest-to-God Nazis. Bringing hate, gunning for a race war, jackbooted hooligans who want to fight.

They aren’t just Nazis. They are Hutus, macheting their neighbors. They are the janjaweed, the death on horseback, running down innocents. They are ISIS, their brothers in hate and ideology and tactics. Our terrorists are domestic.

We have a vulgar toddler in the White House, occupying the Oval Office, who was put there by Republican voters who looked at him and who he brought with him, and thought, “I can live with that.” I guess they figured that since they weren’t brown or Jewish, what the hell. Not their problem. (“But those e-mails…”)

And don’t get me started about Bannon leaving, as if there’s some essential schism in the White House. Bannon’s call to the American Progress was carefully crafted to signal his rebranding. Anyone stupid enough to think this piece of shit has changed his colors is kidding himself.

So. Is this the end? The Republican party has brought this about by appealing to the fringe elements of hate. The fundamentalist Christians, who again share the same ideologies as fundamentalist Islam, are trying to create a Christian theocracy in the United States. Republicans, all of them, who didn’t care anything about the very non-Christian lifestyle of the puerile monster in the White House. They chose this man. They chose a drooling, demented, man-baby to represent them and to bring down the government, all the better to install their  government.  (“But those e-mails…”)

There is a sick, addictive attraction to destruction. Witness rock stars in hotel rooms. This past election has been nothing more than an exercise in masculine destruction for destruction’s own sake. A bunch of thugs with guns are bringing it all down and watching it burn. The United States of America is being taken down from the inside, and the cracks are starting to widen and deepen.

Dystopias aren’t just for books, y’all. We’re seeing what it’s like to live in one.

The fairy tale is over. The horror story is about to begin.


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