The schedule for ConDFW is up. Here’s what I will be doing:

Patrice Sarath

Friday – 6 pm – The Aspiring Writers Panel (Warwick)

Hosted by Paul Black (M), David Weber, Jim Butcher, Patrice Sarath, Lee Martindale

So you want to be a writer? There are twists and turns in every path to a successful writing career, and our panelists can give you directions on how to get there.

Saturday –10 am – Here there be Dragons: Trends in Fantasy (Canterbury)Hosted by Adrian Simmons (M), Patrice Sarath, J.M. McDermott, Gloria Oliver

From things that fly and breathe fire to the denizens of the deep mines, fantasy has always been the place for high adventure. Our experts discuss where fantasy is today, and where it will be in the future.

Sunday –11 am Reading (Winston)

I am really looking forward to the con and hope to meet Gordath Wood fans. I am especially excited to be on panels with some really cool people. Also, my agent, Kae Tienstra, has an interview with me on her blog. You can read it here:

New Literary Agents — Interview


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