Word count: around 1,400

Music: Bellevue Jubilee, their only album Deep Dark South

The song Just The Moon will play over the credits of Gordath Wood when it is made into a movie. : -)

Do you ever read Salon’s advice column, Ask Cary? It’s a freaking train wreck. I usually ignore Cary’s answers; the real entertainment is the letter and the comments section. Anyway, this one: My husband is too creative to work, was absolutely delicious in the freak factor.

Who gets away with this anymore? Who enables someone to not work for 20 years? How does a person get to say, as an adult, “you support me because I am too sensitive and my art will suffer if I have to hold down a day job.”

This strange concept of Eden, that we can only perform or perfect or practice our particular creative outlet and do no other thing, has crippled more creative careers than any other impediment. Well, possibly that and drugs, whether it’s absinthe, pot, or self-pity. But the point is, the idea that we have to be above the mundane pursuits of earning a living or we are not serious as artists is worse than a day job for blocking the creative flow. And the only way people get away with it is if they have some guilt-delighting enabler to let them.

People who think this never seem to produce very much, do they. They just make everyone around them miserable.


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