We’re back. Just a quick rundown of impressions because it’s late. I’ll have a full report in the coming days, along with pictures, etc.

 The con was well-run but smaller than I was expecting. Compared to the WFC in Austin, it seemed much less well attended. The dealer’s room was really small. I heard that many US dealers had been reluctant to come because of the economic uncertainty — not sure if that was the case but there were only a few booksellers compared to the usual wide array of dealers. And it seems to me that if you are going to be a general bookseller at a con, it might be a good idea to have the latest book of the more notable guests at the convention. While they did have a couple of copies of Gordath Wood, and thank you thank you Sentry Box! they didn’t have the most recent book Scourge of God by SM Stirling, which I held off on buying because I wanted to support the dealers. And other attendees said the same thing, that they couldn’t find the books they had been hoping for. So.

I had a great time meeting Louise Marley and other friends new and old. Okay, this is just the first name check, and remember I said it was late so I’m not going to get everybody, but J. Kathleen Cheney and Aliette de Bodard and TL Morgenfeld were just a few of the fellow writers I fell in with. Lenora Rose came by for Friday and that was wonderful. Mike Gallagher of Glasgow who knows Gaie Sebold of London and Gaie is another one of my first readers.

This is where I say, and others. I have a desperate cat on my lap and a living room filled with books and luggage. More to come. With pictures!

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