A view from the room at Brighton.

A view from the room at Brighton.

A fantasy writer walks into a bar…

Talks with Juliet E McKenna.

Visits with Gaie Seibold.

Says hi to Charles Stross.

Gives John Picacio a hug.

The convention is just gearing up. I have a reading on Saturday and I’m looking forward to some excellent panels, including the unfortunately named Broads with Swords.  It is sure to be excellent fun and wholly informative.

In other news, the barbecue at Smokey’s in Brighton needs to work on its brisket. Listen, all you haters, just because they’re English doesn’t mean they can’t give it the old college try. And we ate there because we had to give it a try. It was like a challenge. But yeah, it’s about what you expected.



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