Yesterday’s WFC panels have sort of blurred into today’s panels without me noticing. I blame the distractions of the convention itself and perhaps a smidge of beer.

Some highlights: The Broads with Swords panel, ably moderated by Laura Ann Gilman, and featuring Robin Hobb, Juliet E McKenna, Gaie Seibold, and Trudi Canavan, was a wild and woolly panel of influences and references to the best in fantasy. It is a truth universally acknowledged by anyone with half a brain that women can write dark and nasty stuff equal to any male author. Also, a fair majority of them come from Australia.

On Saturday I went to the Richard Matheson tribute by his son Richard Christian Matheson. He showed a video interview with his father and answered questions afterwards. What a phen0menal career, and such an influential author.

RCM also appeared on an excellent panel about selling spec scripts. This was full of great advice, and because writers are eminently quotable, here are a few gems:

“What else have you got?” Sometimes this occurs one sentence into your pitch. That’s a bad sign. But “What else have you got?” occurring later means they may be interested in you as a writer with a career.

Spec scripts are best for showing agents what you can do, but not necessarily for selling that particular script.

Everyone is nice in meetings. It’s LA! “The meeting always goes well. But no one is going to be an asshole in the room.”

On the screenplay being changed during production:

“You have to be prepared for the script you love to sleep with other people.” Peter Atkins.

The other delight was the agent panel with a veritable powerhouse of panelists. The upshot — agents can do a lot for you. Especially in this era of self-publishing an agent may be more necessary than ever.

Lunch was at a Lebanese restaurant down the street from the hotel with various members of the T Party (no, not that Tea Party). I’m heading back in in a few minutes. So much to do, so little time.


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