Edmund Pevensie, I understand now.

Registration. A turn around the art show and the dealer room. And then serious barcon for a while, meeting fellow authors and friends, two of whom are also agented by Agent Jennie Goloboy of Don Maass Literary, Daniel Bensen and Georgina Kamsika.

After conversations about the differences between American horror and Korean and Japanese horror, along with discussions of Jaws, Alien, Aliens, and Stephen King and Joe Hill, and on and on, a dozen of us went off in search of food.

We ended up splitting up and four of us went to a small Turkish restaurant Konak Meze and continued the conversation (books, The Martian, hard SF, children’s movies).

I finished up the night with Turkish coffee and Turkish delight that was so good, I would have sold my family to the White Witch for more.

Mood: Full.


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