Quick drive-by post. Here’s my schedule for this weekend at ApolloCon. I’m looking forward to the convention. If you are planning to be there, don’t forget to drop by and say hi.

Friday 6PM Scottsdale I Don’t Think I Bend That Way

Speculative Fiction art, including comic books and book covers, often
portrays our heroes and heroines in battle poses that emphasize their
sex appeal instead of any practical battle use. Panelists discuss and
demonstrate the impractical and impossible poses we put our characters
through. Osborne, Sarath, Pace

Friday 8PM Seattle I Of Blood Spatters and Fingerprints

No one wants to guess the end of the story after the first few pages.
A satisfying mystery gives you clues that are insightful but not
overly obvious. Logical, but still fantastical enough to thrill the
reader. Our panelists discuss how to walk the fine line between
believability and predictability. Sarath (M), Wells, Crider, Ramirez

Saturday 10am Seattle I Fairest of Them All: The Enduring Allure of Snow White

Lips as red as blood, hair as black as coal, skin as white as snow.
She has graced movie and television screens for decades, and is as
popular as ever, with a television show and not one but two movies
this year alone. Our panelists discuss the draw of Snow White, and
why her legacy has stayed so popular.
Huff(M), Sheridan-Rose, Sarath, Jones

Saturday 2pm Autograph Patrice Sarath, Rosemary Clement-Moore

Saturday 4pm Rm 720 Reading: Patrice Sarath, Rosemary Clement-Moore

Saturday 5pm Seattle I If I Were a Rich Fan

There are thousands of ideas out there, ideas that would revolutionize
our world, which only lack funding. If you were one of the Warren
Buffets, Elon Musks, or Tony Starks of the world, with access to vast
resources, how would you prioritize your funding: helping humanity or
finally getting that flying car? Sarath (M) Dyson, Hale, Simpson

Sunday 10am Seattle II Someone Else’s Sandbox

Panelists discuss the draw of fanfiction as both a desire to explore
more of their favorite fandoms and as a place to hone their writing
skills. Sarath (M), Sheridan-Rose, Eudaly

Sunday noon Scottsdale Best YA You Aren’t Reading
The YA world is full of books and series that at times seem to be
nothing more than clones of one another. But there are also tons of
gems that may not be as easy to find in that sea of sameness. Our
panelists discuss the YA novels that stand out in the crowd, both in
quality and in uniqueness.
Sarath, Hale, Clement-Moore (M)


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