My 2017 Writing Goals (and maybe they can help you too):

Write even when– no, especially when– I’m tired or not feeling it, or think don’t have time.

Commit to the story. I have too many novels and stories that have languished. The worst story ever completed is a thousand times better than the best fragment or chapter.

Commit to the language. I used to say good writing should disappear in service to the story, but I’ve softened on this; good writing is a joy that serves the story, knows when to call attention to itself, and when to let the plot take center stage. Talented and accomplished author Jessica Reisman and I have argued on this in the past, and she will be happy to know that I’ve come round toward her point of view.

Take joy in writing but also remember that writing can be a hard slog. Remember, writing is easy for everyone except writers. Since it’s so hard, might as well do it right.



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