crow-gods-girl-front-smcrowWe’re halfway through the summer and you need something NEW to read for the beach/plane/road trip whatever.

The Crow God’s Girl is only 99 cents on Smashwords. Select any file format, download your copy, and start reading. I promise it will be a cool interlude in a hot summer.


The Crow God’s Girl


Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

“Young fosterling,” the woman said. “Is this yours?”

She let a pair of panties dangle from a long finger. Even if they hadn’t been a tiny bikini cut of red gingham with a dainty rose bow on the front that she had bought with her own money and then hidden from her mother, Kate would have known they were hers. No one had underwear here. Her face flamed.

“Why do you have my underwear?”

“I found them in the young master’s chambers.”

Kate knew she went from red-faced to white in one second. No way. No. Way. She had never been in Colar’s room. Ever. So who was planting her underwear in her fiance’s bedroom? She didn’t try to protest. Samar watched her narrowly, her gray, lined face impassive.

“I can’t believe that.” Kate’s voice went flat.

One gray eyebrow arched delicately, and Samar tossed her the little scrap. “You best keep better track of your things,” she said, and turned and left her.

Kate crushed the panty in her fist. She had to wash it when she first arrived in Terrick; she remembered washing it. It was her only pair. And then, she was given clothes to wear, including the strange pair of bloomers. And she must have forgotten the panties. At least, she thought, it hadn’t been the bra. That she was able to wash and dry overnight before the fire, and since she couldn’t quite manage the stays that she was given along with the bloomers, she stuck with the bra. So she had lost track of the panties and someone had taken them and planted them in Colar’s bedroom.

With an eye on the door, she hastily stuck the panties under the lumpy mattress, pulling the ticking back into place.

So who had it in for her? she thought, as she left the room and closed the door behind her, with a backward, considering, glance.

The better question might be, who didn’t?



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