The one show that I scheduled in was Baskery at Jax Neighborhood Cafe. Went with Ben and Vanita and Byron and had a great time. Baskery are a trio of sisters from Sweden who are crazy talented and fun.

Check them out here:

They said that their reputation preceded them so as they were walking around Austin during the festival, they could hear people whispering, “Those are the Swedish sisters.”

Yes, they are beautiful. And down to earth and funny and did I mention really talented?

It was a really fun show and a great way to wrap up what I never expected to be as music-filled a weekend.

Now it’s back to cleaning up the latest manuscript. I might call it finished by as early as midweek. Then I’m off to AggieCon and when I get back I will do one final pass (OCD? Me?) and off it goes to the editor.

It’s very exciting!


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